Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pimp Smacked by Powerpoint

So it seems that in each of my college classes the ability to procure a presentation by way of powerpoint is one of the main reasons I am paying thousands of dollars. Seriously, think of all the classes you've been in and what was required??? A presentation and if you're smart powerpoint presentation my friends! It is a tool used to determine whether or not I can actually put information together in a readable format without effectively putting the class to sleep in less than 4 minutes.

Plus if you're even thinking of doing a powerpoint presentation about any topic in science, the percentage of people that were just paying attention dropped drastically. Why? Because any time complicated material needs to be broken down into a simplistic form, the main points tend to get lost in translation. It's even more frustrating when you know the individual giving the presentation quite possibly knows less about the topic than you do. Hey we've all been there but shouldn't there be a better way?

I get the reason behind using powerpoint but I don't think anyone gave any tips to students as to what a good powerpoint presentation looks like. Because I couldn't say it any better please check out this lovely presentation about
powerpoint presentations. It helpfully points out the don'ts of powerpoint. You won't be disappointed!

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  1. You're right. I never remember anyone ever teaching a good way to use a powerpoint, or what people look for when watching one. We are always told to make one, but not how to do it.