Thursday, February 5, 2009

Where's My Manual?

Step 1 to Preparing for a Successful Career: Pick One.
Well I have that down. For a long time I have wanted to be a pediatric physical therapist.

Step 2: Take Prerequisites for PT School.
I’ve done a tremendous amount of research on prerequisites for many different schools and slaved over my class schedule to be able to fit them all in before I graduate. I’ve taking the GRE, I’ve learned physics (well sort of), and I’ve taken a million classes basically all about the same thing.

Step 3: Apply to Graduate School.
Here’s where everything seems to fall apart. I know, I know… I’ve only applied to two graduate schools. But when you have to take a whole week over Christmas break to fill out one graduate application and you still have 22 credits of school work to complete, it’s kind of impossible to apply to more without going insane or failing out of school.

Step 4: Panic.
So what’s a girl to do? Desperate to be a physical therapist because I would like nothing more in the world, and not having the GRE score that astounds every school, I’m left with only a few options: pray that a school accepts me, retake my GRE (but during the summer when I might actually have a spare second), or go to graduate school for physiology (to make my PT application more attractive) and retake the GRE. I’ve basically given up on the idea that my GRE scores will ever be good enough so I guess that leaves me with plan C if I don’t get into graduate school.
Of course there’s always the option of getting a job. But what jobs are offered that provide experience for aspiring physical therapists? I could observe some more but that doesn’t get my and money and I’ve already got 100 hours of experience. I’m stuck in this rut and the only thing it seems I can do after I graduate from undergrad is go back to school. All I have to say is: there should be a manual on all of this…


  1. If you want to go to PT school that bad, you will get there. It may just take you a slightly longer route. Over the course of your life, and wonderful future PT career, that extra time will seem insignificant.

    Maybe you should write the manual.

  2. Well I can't wait for that time to arrive!