Thursday, May 7, 2009

Face Transplant

I was looking at the BBC news website again and I came across a very interesting little blurb of news that was as follows:

"The first person to receive a face transplant in the United States has expressed her gratitude to the donor and doctors, following a successful operation.

Connie Culp, 46, spoke at a news conference at the Cleveland Clinic where the groundbreaking operation was performed.

Culp, from Ohio, was shot in the face by her husband five years ago - he then turned the gun on himself."

I have discovered that this website is incredibly interesting and that health news that does not come from a detailed research article in so base level. I read this and it makes me think of all the discussions that we had about science communication. This is certainly an example of something that is easy to understand, but since college had ruined me in this regard, I completely want to read the scientific journal article version of this story. Anyone know what I'm sayin?

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