Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Modicum of Frustration

I have found over my four years here that there are always questions that arise when going through the grind that is undergrad. I have discovered a few that still irk me to this day, even as my studies here come to a close. It seems to be that they are all school related. Guess I should just start somewhere and these science classes have made me so fond of Excel form, thus a listing format.

1) Tier Requirements
Don't get me wrong, I have really enjoyed mixing the hardcore science classes with some fluffy literature variety classes, but I feel that there should not be such specific tier requirements. I took a Jane Austin class that was a special series class from a professor. It was incredibly interesting and I did a great deal of work with the material. Smells like one Tier requirement fulfilled right? Wrong. Didn't have the happy label in the course book and despite working with the registrar: no dice. Come on. Hook a sister up AU!

2)Pre-PT program
It has been excellent having a strong Biology backround after my undergrad is all said and done, but I don't understand why that can't just tell you that as Pre-PT you will be rocking the sport science and biology classes. It would have been nice when I came here if someone said "here are the requirements for the next step: grad school" because they were not just from the bio-chem depts. I figured it out eventually as did my classmates, but it would have been nice to know off the bat.

Those seem like the main frustrations that come to mind. Overall my four years have been awesome and I have few complaints. The experience with the professors and fellow classmates have exceeded expectations. This has been an excellent life decision.

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